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Social Justice: Resources for Fighting Racism

A guide to help you research and locate Social Justice materials at Fisk and beyond.

Racism has a cost - Heather C. McGhee

Intersectionality Matters- Crisis in the COVID-19 Pandemic

African American Identity

Black Intellectual Profile

Black Women Intellectuals

Book List for Fighting Racism

CNN report for London's reaction to the death of George Floyd


Resources about Anti-Racism and Black Lives Matter

#Say Her Name- Police Brutality & The Murder of Black Women


SOURCE: #SAYHERNAME is grounded in the sad reality that Black women and girls who are targeted, brutalized, and killed by police are all too often excluded from mainstream narratives around police violence. And while their names and stories are left out of our demands for justice, they are no less grieved by their loved ones. Their lives are no less worthy of being celebrated and uplifted. 

Cracking the Code- System of Racial Inequality

Trevor Noah's Daily Show

The View responds to Amy Cooper's racism

#BlackLivesMatter Ted Talk